Strategy is critical for organizational growth as it aligns the mission and vision with operations.  We do this by formulating short-term and long-term initiatives directed at achieving objectives. The Strategy Development Workshop combines the knowledge of the external environment in which the company operations with the internal elements and resources that ultimately allow a company to execute its growth goals and vision.

We approach Strategy Development by leveraging a combination techniques and methodology for a customized approach that best fits the client.  The unique combination of tools ensure that the important internal and external influences and pressures are considered in developing a long term plan.  We offer a Strategy Development Workshop that walks our clients through the tough questions resulting in a robust blueprint for the future.

The next step after a strategic plan is created is the development of a concrete model of how things need to function to achieve the strategy.   Denovo also offers a Business Model Transformation Workshop that pulls together customer information and the current competitive environment to assess effectiveness in "doing business" and identify opportunities. We lead the analysis of service delivery/operation models on new products/features or tools, processes, and staffing models. We challenge our clients to take a competitive edge in their respective market.  The end result is a concrete illustration of disruptive models that promote revenue growth, operational efficiency and cost reduction.


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