Innovation Program Assessment

When to Perform an Assessment

Innovation Programs have many moving parts. And based on how the moving parts interact, Innovation Programs yield different results. A good way to diagnosis the overall health of an Innovation Program is through an assessment. A suggested time to perform an assessment on the Innovation Program is when:

  • The organization experiences specific challenges with the Innovation Program
  • The Innovation Program does not meet expectations
  • Prior to launching an improvement initiative
  • Stakeholders are not aligned

Challenges to Innovation

Challenges experienced by an Innovation Program are varied, many, and interdependent, again, because there are many moving parts. The challenges may be known, but the reasons why the challenges exist may not. An assessment assists in identifying what is driving the challenges and where improvement is needed. Typical challenges companies experience with Innovation Programs that warrant an assessment  include:

  • Less than expected Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Resource constraints
  • Lack of focus
  • Fear of risk
  • Difficulty scaling ideas
  • Culture not conducive for innovation
  • Difficulty shifting from quantity to quality

The goal of a well functioning Innovation Program is to consistently support growth and operation optimization is fairly clear. Determining where the Innovation Program stands today is attained through assessing the current program. With the current state and future goal identified, a plan for improvement can then be developed.

Innovation Program Assessment

Innovation Assessment

Denovo offers a free assessment that will evaluate the overall condition of an organization’s Innovation Program. It also will help identify areas that may have opportunities for improvement while confirming what is working as designed. The assessment questions are arranged according to the Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework (HIIF).  This innovation framework, developed by Denovo, is the basis for our work in Innovation.

If after downloading and completing the free Innovation Program Assessment, and you wish to talk through the results, please email to schedule a free consultation call.   The Denovo team is enthusiastic about innovation and would love to talk to you about it.