Innovation Management

Within Innovation Management of Denovo's Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework, we include Capabilities Assessment, Innovation Process, Portfolio Management and Innovation Metrics.   These components establish the operational framework for innovation, prioritize the problems needing to be solved and measure what is working and how well.  Each of these components can be addressed separately or collectively.

Denovo assesses the innovation capability of your organization to determine program maturity and present a recommended action plan to increase internal innovation competences.  The specific, actionable recommendations lead to increased innovation Return on Investment (ROI), continued culture shift and increased operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Through Innovation Process, we drive the establishment of structures, processes and tools within a client’s organization to enable an integrated innovation program to deliver innovative and disruptive solutions.  Without an effective innovation process, ideas are lost, challenges go unsolved and innovation ROI is low.

Denovo senior consultants facilitate Concept Workshops, Accelerator Labs and Kaizen Events with cross-functional client teams for rapid creative problem solving and process improvement projects.  If establishing an innovation program from scratch, or a client wants to solve an issue, the Rapid Deployed Innovation System (RDIS), our version of an Accelerator Lab, is recommended as a quick way to set the foundation of an innovation program while generating ideas and solving challenges.

We work with our clients to assist in the prioritization of enterprise initiatives within established goals and objectives, ensuring initiatives align with organizational strategic objectives.  These activities are core to a Portfolio Management program.

Appropriate program monitoring is required to ensure a successful innovation program.  The "right" type and number of measures can promote innovation and support the culture.  Too many or the "wrong" type of metrics, and the innovation program is strangled.  Denovo drives the design, delivery and execution of complex, large scale, business transformation programs through Project Management and Innovation Metric Development services. In doing so, we establish realistic success and performance metrics/KPIs with our client’s functional and business area leaders.


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