Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework

Holistic Integrated Innovation FrameworkInnovation requires more than just coming up with a great idea. Organizations need the great idea to solve the right problem. To do so requires components working together in an innovation framework.  Collectively these pieces form the Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework, or HIIF for short.

The Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework consists of 4 main areas: Strategy, Innovation Management, Enabling Capabilities, and Supporting Functions.

Strategy is the driver of the Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework. The Business Strategy guides the Innovation Strategy that outlines in which areas the organization is interested in pursuing. It helps shape the actions that occur during the process.

Innovation Management
Innovation Management begins with the Capabilities Assessment to determine what capabilities exist within the organization and identify the areas where work may be needed.   The Innovation Process consists of all the steps traditionally identified with ideation and development. Portfolio Management prioritizes the problems needing to be solved as well as the resulting approved projects to make the ideas a reality. Throughout the Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework, Innovation Metrics measures what is working and how well.

Enabling Capabilities
The core organizational capabilities reside in Enabling Capabilities.   This area is critical to the Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework.  Management and Leadership have been shown to greatly influence the success of an innovation program. The Culture also plays a big role in how people think and act at work. Obviously, Talent Development is key in ensuring people have the necessary skills to be successful. Tools, Framework and Infrastructure walk along with needed skills. Internal & External Collaboration outlines the collection of ideas and how to leverage the collective knowledge of the organization.   Few ideas or projects will be successful without Project Management to ensure the projects reach their goals quickly, efficiently and on budget.

Supporting Functions
The Supporting Functions identified as Reward & Incentives, Business Value & Risk Analysis, Organizational Change Management and Knowledge Manage promote the innovation culture by supporting the people working through the innovation framework and it’s processes.

When the main areas of the Holistic Integrated Innovation Framework are in place and working together, the systematic process of innovation becomes a sustainable advantage to the organization.